Who We Are

ecoPerth is a not-for-profit incorporated organization based in the Perth (Ontario, Canada) area.  Bob Argue (Executive Director), Alfred Von Mirbach, and Cheryl Nash are the founders and principal players in ecoPerth.


You can reach all three of the principals at:

By email:
ecoperth info@ecoperth.on.ca

or any of them individually at:
Alfred alfred@ecoperth.on.ca
Cheryl cheryl@ecoperth.on.ca
Bob bob@ecoperth.on.ca

By phone:
Bob and Cheryl: 613 268-2907

Mail should be addressed to:
2196 Old Brooke Road
RR#2 Maberly ON
K0H 2B0


The current Board consists of John Clement, Lana March, Garry Welsh, Kris Riendeau, Janet Duncan, David Taylor.

Wendy Laut - 2004 Polar Bear Plunge for ecoPerth

In Memory of Wendy Laut, founding ecoPerth board member, and heart and soul of ecoPerth, who passed away in February of 2009.








 Just for fun!

On the right is a recreation of the famous Beatles Abbey Road cover is more authentic than you might think. The gentleman standing on the sidewalk on the right of our photo is Robert Drummond (the father of Dr. Drummond, a Perth physician). It turns out that Mr. Drummond just happened to be on the street when the original cover was shot. He also happened to be in town when we decided to shoot our photo, so we couldn't resist. If you still have the album kicking around somewhere, haul it out and compare. In our photo, you see (l to r), Bob Argue, Garry Welsh, Cheryl Nash (with Robin in the snuggly) and Alfred Von Mirbach.


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