Water Saver Program

 The Town of Perth realized that its sewage treatment system could be reaching capacity before too long, and that increasing capacity would be a multi-million dollar endeavor. Accordingly, they decided that demand-side management might be a cheaper way to go (e.g. reduce sewage use to extend the life of the current system).

Town staff worked with ecoPerth on possible approaches, and came up with a two-pronged carrot/stick approach. In 2002, they implemented a new Sewer Charge By-law with two parts:

* a sewage charge component on each water bill.
* a rebate for water conservation devices

Much of the new revenue from this sewer charge goes to operating costs of the sewer system. The remainder will cover capital costs associated with ensuring the safe operation of the Town's sewer system.

The Perth WaterSaver Program was the rebate portion of the by-law. It provided any persons with a water account with the Town of Perth to get a rebate of up to $100 to cover the cost of purchase and/or installation of a water conservation device, such as a low flow toilet, a water-saver shower head, a front-load washing machine or a rain barrel. EcoPerth helped promote the program by developing a logo, advertising campaign and retail promotion program to encourage residents to take advantage of the program. EcoPerth also sold Arbour rain barrels, which are made out of re-used olive barrels.

The program ended in July of 2003.

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