Solar PV and FIT

Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) and microFIT
Sunnybrook solar panelsThe Ontario Power Authority Feed-In-Tariff and related regulations under the Green Energy and Economy Act have created an improved opportunity for secure investment in community-based green power development. A FIT or microFIT system will generate revenue for 20 years at a guaranteed rate.
EcoPerth can facilitate the purchase and installation of PV systems with installation by a local elecrical contractor. The PV systems are engineered, integrated systems.

Steps to getting a contract
a. Register on-line to create and submit an application
b. The OPA will then let you know if you can proceed to request connection from Hydro One.
c. You have six months to install and connect the system. The rate is fixed on receipt of the conditional offer.

Community-based Renewable Energy Systems with SolarShare

EcoPerth has teamed with SolarShare, an Ontario renewable energy co-operative, to solicit Lanark county memberships in the co-op. Once we achieve 50 qualifying members, we are eligible to apply for FIT projects within Lanark County. All members of SolarShare can invest in their 5-year 5% solar bonds that are backed by a portfolio of built solar projects throughout Ontario, each with a 20-year contract.


For information on microFIT or Lanark County SolarShare
Contact:  613 268-2907

For further information on microFIT:
microFIT Program call centre 1-888-387-3403

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