Solar Hot Water Systems

Back in 2006 or thereabouts, we worked with Enerworks, a good quality manufacturer of solar domestic hot water systems that came out of a Queens University and NRCan research project. We negotiated a distributorship status, as well as funding from NRCan which allowed us to hold workshops, do preliminary scoping sessions, train local installers and offer systems to area residents at a great price. it also tied in with a solar mapping project we did of the Town of Perth, where every house is mapped via GIS with information on their suitability for solar systems (orientation, slope, shading, condition of roof etc). At the time, it was the most cost-effective "green" technology for most local residents, and we worked to remove the risk, explain the advantages and get systems installed. Now, with other local companies offering solar hot water systems, we've stepped back, or more correctly moved on to photovoltaic systems, which is now, thanks to the FIT program, the most cost-effective "green" technology going. Go to more on this current project.

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