In A Nutshell

The Problem

  • More people, more cars, more industry, more luxury has meant more burning of fossil fuels 
  • The burning of fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere
  • These "greenhouse gases" trap incoming heat from the sun
  • This warms the planet at a much faster rate than the planet can adapt
  • The result is more catastrophic weather events, crops and animals not being able to adapt to the changes, and rising water levels.

The Solution

  • Decrease emissions by increase fuel efficiency or using alternative fuel or non-mechnized alternatives
  • Increase absorption of carbon dioxide by planting trees and shrubs

The ecoPerth Approach

  • Reach people at home, work and play
  • Community-based rather than top-down
  • Get as many projects happening as possible
  • Partner with business, groups and individuals so the community takes ownership
  • The beauty is that most initiatives are also economically efficient, creating jobs and keeping money from leaving the community

The Vision


  • As we get all kinds of project up and running, people will move from awareness to action, and make the changes needed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by more than 20%
  • We will become Canada's model community, showing how a town can respond to the climate change challenge, and will get people from all over the world coming through to see what we have done
  • We will develop community pride in what we have accomplished, as we did with the Heritage Mainstreet program

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