A Bright Idea

Another early project of ecoPerth piggy-backed on the rash of decent, lower cost compact fluorescent (CF) light bulbs that started to appear in 2000. We sourced some great, small, instant on, warm colour quality bulbs and made them available to residents at low costs (by buying in bulk). One clever way was as wrapped (in local end roll newsprint) stocking stuffers, with a tag that told folks just how much energy, CO2 emissions and dollars the bulb would save.

One interesting sidebar related to the Riverguild, an artists cooperative in Perth. They, on their own did a major retrofit of all of their lighting, switching from incandescent to CF. Because they display all kinds of wonderful local artists' work, they have over 100 bulbs. What was surprising to them was that after doing the switch, they not only saved big on their lighting bill, but they could finally keep the store pleasant in the summer, now that a hundred incandescent bulbs, which are basically 93 watt heaters, were replaced with lights that provide light rather than heat.

Now that you can find all kinds of great bulbs in any hardware and grocery store, we were able to get out of that little niche, and move on to others.

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